Power Query as an SSIS Alternative

An alternative to using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to get data into your database is a tool called Power Query. In this article by Matt Allington, we learn how to use Power Query to get data into your database.

Now before I get a million comments from professional SQL Server experts, I am not suggesting that everyone should swap out SSIS for Power Query.  I understand the importance of an enterprise strength tool like SSIS and I know it is a great tool for that purpose.  I am just talking about people like me that work in the Self Service BI/Excel space, use SQL Server as a tool, but have only limited opportunities to work with SSIS.  This is my situation, and if this also sounds like you then Power Query is a great alternative.

The benefits of Power Query over SSIS include:

  • Power Query is easy to learn
  • It is UI driven so you don’t need to understand the code (although it can help.  You just point and click.)
  • Importantly it is easy to come back 3 months later and make changes without needing to remember how the software works.


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