My 5 Technology New Year’s Resolutions for 2016


Keeping the new year in mind, have you created your technology New Year’s resolutions? This isn’t about losing weight or working out more often, it is instead about what technology changes you promise to make in 2016. First, let’s discuss the items from 2015:

  1. Learn C# – I said I was going to start using C# by learning and embracing C# as my primary programming language. I don’t do much programming, so this was difficult for me personally, but I did push other people under my influence to move from their existing language of choice to C#. I think I was able to move between 4-8 people to make C# their primary programming language.
  2. Embrace the Cloud – I promised to put together an intelligent and coherent strategy for using the cloud. In 2015 I assisted my company in moving from a 100% on-premise environment to one that uses AWS and Azure. While we are not 100% cloud, we have definitely moved to a company that is open to cloud solutions on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Windows 10 –  2015 was the year I promised to organize and plan the move to Windows 10 the corporate users at my company. I met mush more resistance to this idea than I thought possible. I was thinking the technical team would be happy to get users onto a new operating system, especially one as great as Windows 10. It turns out they would still be using Windows XP if I would allow that, and they have no desire to learn or support anything new or challenging.
  4. Consolidate Databases – I knew this effort would be difficult because the instances range from SQL Server 2000 to 2012, and the Windows versions range from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 R2. I was unable to build the type of team consensus that leads to the mindset that makes this project possible.
  5. Attend User Group Meetings – I promised to support my user groups more by attending more meetings. I had more difficulty in scheduling around business meeting than in previous years, and failed to make this goal possible.

I have a few changes I want to make, and I am resolving to make it happen in 2016:

  1. Embrace the Cloud – With cloud based technologies becoming more popular, I will continue to investigate the cloud as possible solution to all projects. In 2016 I promise to continue using a strategy for using the cloud as much as possible.
  2. Windows 10 – I currently am using Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3. I still think Windows 10 is the best solution for Windows users, and I still don’t like Windows 8 or 8.1. This year I still plan on organizing an effort and promoting a plan to move my corporate users to Windows 10.
  3. Consolidate Databases – This year is the year to consolidate my SQL Server instances into two or three primary instances. This still has great benefits that include simpler administration and reduced licensing costs. This will still be difficult to complete, but I haven’t surrendered.
  4. Read Technical Books – I enjoy learning and appreciate a good technical book. I have browsed and skimmed several books in 2015, but I intend to completely read at least 4 technical books in 2016.
  5. Technology Leader – I plan on making a more complete move from technical expert to technical leader. This means doing less detailed technical work, and spending more time educating and leading my team (and this blog) on how to make good technology decisions.

What are your technology promises for 2016?


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