DBA Daily Checklist


What are the critical aspects of SQL Server that a Database Administrator (DBA) should check on a daily basis?  Each morning you should check the following items:

  1. Verify servers are available and can be accessed
  2. Check Windows Event Logs for unusual events
  3. Check SQL Server Logs for unusual events
  4. Review the status of Cluster nodes, Log Shipping, Replication, AlwaysOn, or Mirroring on both the primary and secondary instances and troubleshoot as needed.  If a failover has occurred, investigate root causes immediately
  5. Verify that all SQL Server scheduled jobs have run successfully
  6. Confirm that backups have run successfully and backup files have been saved to a secure location
  7. Monitor disk space on your SQL Servers so they have at least 10% free space on all drives
  8. Monitor performance using both System Monitor and Profiler/SQL Trace.
  9. Regularly monitor and identify potential blocking issues.
  10. Document any changes you make to your servers.
  11. Create automated SQL Server alerts e-mailed to you about any actions required.
  12. Find time to learn something new as a DBA.

Do you have any ideas on additional items to add to this list?


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