How was Windows Solitaire Created?

While today’s gamers might be more familiar with Candy Crush than Solitaire, the Solitaire game has an interesting history at Microsoft. It turns out that an intern was responsible for Solitaire. This amazing game was built by a Summer intern named Wes Cherry. It also appears that Cherry never received a nickel for his contributions.

Reddit’s /r/todayilearned community started a conversation on the subject and Cherry detailed the history of his development on the game and answers some questions users posted.

Cherry explained that within the larger body of Microsoft at the time was an internal company known as Bogus software. Cherry put his game on their server “where a bunch of guys having fun hacking Windows to learn about the API tossed their games.” A program manager took note of Cherry’s game and made the call to include it in Windows 3.0.



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