Encourage Slower Hiring


You have a new position that you need to fill, and you just want to find the right person with the right set of skills. It’s difficult for a recruiter or hiring manager to find the right person, even more sometimes with technical positions. Work is piling up and your team might be falling further and further behind. Everyone might be feeling overworked and underappreciated. You are doing all you can to select the right candidate as quickly as possible.

Maybe you just need to slow down and move a little more methodical to fill that position.

Always be Recruiting

No one knows if a candidate will be a great fit better than you. Everyone on your team, including management, should be a recruiter for your team. If you see someone who appears to be a possible fit for your organization–both technically and culturally–you should be immediately calling the appropriate folks within your organization.

Define Success

Each department or team, even within the same organization, has its own unique personality and requirements. You have to be able to describe that to the recruiting team, as well as to the candidates, to really find the best people. This isn’t something that happens in a half-hour meeting, but needs to be updated and refined as the process to locate the ideal candidate moves forward.

Just Say No

You need to take your time and refuse to settle for anything other than that one great candidate that is a perfect fit for your team and the company. Be very clear with yourself, and the recruiting team, about what you’re looking for in your candidates. Be very specific and don’t use general terms like “communicates well”. Give specifics and you will get better results.

Slow Down

You need to accept that things are going to move slower than you might expect. Accept that slow is fine because you know what you need and are willing to wait for excellence. It isn’t an excuse to do less or to waste time. Locating a candidate that is a great fit from a technical competence and culture perspective takes longer than simply finding someone who can perform the essential functions of the job.

Learn from Failure

Figuring out why you met a candidate and hated them is important to helping you understand how you, and the recruiting team, can learn to select better candidates. Why you loved the resume and hated the candidate is a great example of a problem you need to understand and work to resolve. Learning from that mistake, or a simple lack of complete information, can help you better select the next candidate.

Be Understanding

Recruiters aren’t machines that accept input and churn out widgets. They have to talk to people and find your specific candidate from a long list of well educated and technically educated people. You really do want quality over quantity, so you may have to force yourself to wait patiently for the perfect candidate. Taking the time to really find the very best person for your team will be much more important than filling that open position.

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