Understanding Project Management


Project managers are agents of change that attempt to use their organizational skills and expertise to inspire a team of people to the shared purpose of completing a formal project. To be a successful project manager will require you to be comfortable with change and someone who can deal with complex concepts. Project managers must also have the people skills to develop trust between your project team members while also communicating complex ideas to all the project’s stakeholders.

The following are 6 services you can provide as a project manager to make a huge difference to your team:

1. Reduce Interruptions

There is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted while you are trying to do a difficult and complex task.Team members on your project appreciate ability to do their work uninterrupted. It is often your best resources who suffer the most interruptions. As a Project Manager any interruptions you can prevent will be seen as adding value to their day.

You want to be the person who filters questions and requests for information. Minimizing interruptions also means limiting the amount of meetings that your team members are invited to attend.

2. Clarify Effort

A lot of time is wasted trying to understand what solution will be used to solve which technical issues. If you can clarify the best solution of each problem, limiting discussion and uncertainty, you will make  everyone’s life easier and save valuable time. Creating a clear path and reducing confusion will make everyone happier and more productive.

A good project manager will make sure there is a clear path to follow, that there are very few open issues or risks that will slow things down.

3. Communicate

Being clear, concise, and honest in outward communications is just as important as taking queues on how to communicate with others. While everyone is born ready to communicate, not everyone communicates the same way. I good project manager will recognize that and adjust their communication style to make the communication between your team members streamlined and effective.

4. Stay Organized

Not everyone is good at being organized, so they bring in a project manager to manage and organize the project. You just have to look at the way some people organize their desk to see that some people are really bad at project documentation. Books and papers stacked everywhere, post-it notes all over the place, etc. As a project manager your team benefits from all the organizational skills you bring to the table.

5. Accept Limits

You have to realize that you don’t know everything, and it is acceptable to ask for help. You are working with some really skilled people to complete a complex and detailed project. It is fine if you say you don’t know something and you will need to ask questions. People want the right information, not just fast answers.

6. Prioritize

You will be required to guide your team members by showing them how to prioritize daily tasks versus project tasks. If questions come up about what tasks a person should be working on, you will need to work with them and their supervisor to make sure you quickly resolve any confusion and limit indecision. Make sure everyone knows they can come to you for a quick and reasonable decision that gets them out of trouble with coworkers and supervisors while also keeping the project moving forward.

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