Reasons IT Professionals Leave a Job


In a todays job market, people move from job to job for various reasons. When you investigate the common reasons that contribute to job churn in the technology marketplace, there are some fairly typically reasons technology professionals want to leave their job:

  1. Advancement Opportunities – Once you determine you are stuck in a position without any chance to get a promotion, the decision to move on the the most common next step.
  2. New Challenges – If you are in a position that is boring and doesn’t require you to learn anything new, you will probably start looking for something new.
  3. Inadequate Salary – Technology jobs pay well, but not all technology jobs pay the market rates. If you find yourself in a position that offers lower than market salary or lacks benefits/perks, you will find it difficult to justify any long-term commitments to that company.
  4. Training Opportunities – If your boss doesn’t want you to obtain any new skills or never wants to pay for any training, that is a sure sign that you aren’t valued and should consider moving to a new company.
  5. Poor Leadership – You boss doesn’t offer leadership, lacks basic communication skills, or doesn’t provide the required direction to keep you motivated. That is something you can’t control and will probably cause you to change employers.

If you are a manager of technology professionals, you have to remember that in a highly competitive IT job market a good leader will spend time with your staff members discussing their job satisfaction.


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