DoD Uses SQL Server

SQL Server

The US Military also uses SQL Sever databases. The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) alone hosts 665 SQL Server databases. The U.S. Army Europe uses SQL Server to screen local nationals for jobs. That database contains hundreds of thousands of employment applications, some more than 30 years old. The Army Air Force Exchange System, whose 2,400-plus locations provide retail stores and restaurants relies on SQL Server as the back end for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Often the business requirements call for a database system that could be extended to other applications, in addition to the large application that was initially migrated. A Senior IT Project Manager stated: “We wanted to have the commercial, off-the-shelf expertise for other applications. There are only 3 major database systems (Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server), and we could have chosen any of the three.”



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