Mondo Reports Top Tech Salaries for 2016

Mondo reported in their annual salary survey that CIO and CTO positions have achieved top salaries for 2016, with pay ranging from $182-268,000. Mondo is a leading technology and digital resourcing provider, and releases this salary information each year..

The technology jobs with the highest salaries in 2016, include:

  • Chief Security Officer ($154-226,000)
  • Chief Data Officer ($150-210,000)
  • Director PMO ($129-186,000
  • UX/UI Designer ($119-184,000)
  • VP, Information Engineering ($141-184,000)
  • VP, Information Technology ($141-183,000)
  • Android Developer ($138-182,000)
  • IOS Developer ($139-182,000)

Salary ranges can be expected to vary depending on the region,  with New York City and San Francisco usually on the high end of these ranges.

The top five Cloud positions/skills in highest demand, include:

  • Microsoft 365 Engineer ($110-123,000)
  • Amazon Web Services Developer ($123-161,000)
  • Cloud Engineer ($113-149,000)
  • Network Security Engineers ($115-151,000)
  • Data Scientist ($88-130,000)

The four mobile positions/skills in top demand, include:

  • iOS Developer ($139-182,000)
  • Android Developer ($138-182,000)
  • Application Architect ($136-181,000)
  • QA Mobile Engineer ($91-126,000)

The top four security positions:

  • Network Security Engineer ($115-151,000)
  • IS Security Manager ($134-173,000)
  • Network Security Administrator ($96-143,000)
  • IS Audit Analyst ($59-84,000)

The Mondo IT salary data is based Mondo placements over the past year, in New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, Chicago and Dallas.


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