Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14342

The latest build for the Windows Insider group has been released and it active now. There are several new features that you might like to know about, even if you are not in the group testing these new features.

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows improvements include Symlinks within the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This is now functional on the mounted Windows directories. This fix helps support many scenarios including the npm installer. Users with non-Latin Windows usernames are now able to install Bash on Ubuntu on Windows.

Microsoft specifically makes note of AdBlock and Adblock Plus extensions, which many people have talked about. Extensions gives users a “Pin It” Button, Mouse Gestures, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Microsoft Translator, and OneNote Web Clipper to go along with them as the officially available extensions.

The Windows Ink icon has been updated, with a “more expressive ink stroke” and more consistency with other notification area icons. The new icon sizes better as well.

The ability to redirect websites to apps is coming soon. No apps support it, but a new page has been added at Settings > System > Apps to support the feature.

You can read more on the subject from Microsoft.


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