Steps to Migrate Clustered Disk / LUN for SQL Server

So you need to move your databases from one drive to another in a clustered instance of SQL Server. In this article from Pinal Dave, we get the step-by-step overview on the order you need to perform the steps. His example was moving from the H: drive to the J: drive.

  1. ALTER ALL databases except master to change the drive letter to J: drive.
  2. Same thing is needed for ALL user databases.
  3. Update at this registry key on both the nodes: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server” find all references to H: and change it to J:
  4. Startup parameters to be updated from SQL Server Configuration manager to reflect the new path. This is where we need to change path for MASTER database files.
  5. Shut SQL Server down by taking it offline, but leave the clustered disk resources online.
  6. Copy everything exactly from Old disk(s) H drive to New Disk(s) J drive.
  7. Change the SQL Server group dependencies, so that the SQL Server service is dependent on each disk resource.
  8. Take the old disks out of the resource group.
  9. Bring SQL resource online.

You should read the entire article to get all the details and script examples.


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