Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with Free eBook


Microsoft has published a free eBook to help introduce you to SQL Server 2016. Microsoft posted a blog entry on this new offering:

  • Chapter one: Faster queries – Get up to speed on how to perform real-time transactions and ultra-fast analytics using new features like in-memory transaction processing and in-memory updateable column stores.
  • Chapter two: Better security – Explore three new principal security features in SQL Server 2016—Always Encrypted, Row-Level Security and Dynamic Data Masking, and learn how to use each one of these features to its fullest potential.
  • Chapter three: Higher availability – Learn how to deploy more robust, highly available data management solutions using the new features in AlwaysOn Availability Group and AlwaysOn Failover Cluster.
  • Chapter four: Improved database engine – Find out how to optimize query performance, how to take advantage of hybrid cloud architectures, and how to stay in control amidst growing volumes of data.
  • Chapter five: Broader data access – Discover how SQL Server 2016 can help you manage, maintain, integrate and import data of all types, leading to richer business insights.
  • Chapter six: More analytics – Learn how to more quickly build secure, advanced analytics solutions, how to create predictive models with R functions, and how to generate better business outcomes by incorporating these models into application and reporting tools.
  • Chapter seven: Better reporting – Explore the new data visualization and layout options in Reporting Services, and how Mobile BI lets employees easily access business intelligence, whether in the office or on the road.
  • Chapter eight: Improved Azure SQL Database – Learn more about Microsoft Azure SQL Database and how features such as elastic database pools and rapid development cycles make it a natural complement to your on-premises DB solution.
  • Chapter nine: Expanding your options with Azure SQL Data Warehouse – Find out how to exponentially increase your data management and analytics capabilities, without the usual overhead.

Free eBook Download


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