FreeBSD image on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has made its own version FreeBSD 10.3 image available and supported on their Azure platform.Microsoft said that its work on FreeBSD will be shared, and the images will be constantly updated to reflect any changes. Back in 2012 Microsoft determined that some software vendors use FreeBSD as the OS for their appliances, and Microsoft wants to make sure that FreeBSD could run as a guest OS under Hyper-V in Azure.

You might notice that Microsoft is listed as the publisher of the FreeBSD VM image on Azure, instead of the FreeBSD Foundation. “In order to ensure our customers have an enterprise SLA [service-level agreement] for their FreeBSD VMs running in Azure, we took on the work of building, testing, releasing and maintaining the image in order to remove that burden from the Foundation,” explainedJason Anderson, a Microsoft Open Source Technology Center principal program manager.

You can get more information about how to use FreeBSD on Azure here.



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