New Microsoft Technology Captures Detailed 3D Scenes

We have all seen the detailed rendering of 3D scenes in video games and even movie special effects. Usually this technology has been limited to non-moving objects like buildings or other scenery-related objects. The reason for this limitation is the math involved is so complicated the algorithms used for rendering the objects makes the real-time rendering of objects just too complicated. This means any movement  of detailed animated objects usually occurs within a predetermined range with strict controls, and even this limited use can still involve hours of post-processing. The ability to capture moving objects and render them in real time is almost impossible.

Microsoft has developed Fusion4D, an experimental motion capture technology that uses multiple RGBD cameras to capture complicated movement in real-time and render them in near real-time in detail that hasn’t been seen before. The technology doesn’t require special dots or those strange looking ping pong balls attached the actors using velcro. Just six high definition cameras used with special software and you have near real-time animated sequences.

You can learn more about this technology here.


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