New Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook features coming to Office 365

In an effort by Microsoft to continuously add new features to the Office 365 platform, users will soon get new tools that are intended to help prioritize important email, improve their writing skills, and better research topics of interest. The new features are added to three applications included in the Office 365 suite.


A new feature called “Focused Inbox” is a messaging feature that launched in the Outlook for Android and iOS apps in January. It is now included in the Outlook for Mac, Windows and web users. The Focused Inbox automatically separates your inbox into two tabs. There is a “Focused” folder for important email, and another tab labeled “Other” for everything else. Focused Inbox is supposed to learn what is important based on how you move email in or out your folders of choice. The feature should help provide you with a single view of the most important items in their inboxes, across all platforms.


This presentation tool will get a feature called “Zoom” that lets you create interactive, nonlinear presentations. You will be able to use Zoom to show slides in any order you want, without exiting slide show mode. This new feature will allow you to move to a different slide without hitting the back or forward buttons to return to previous slides your summary or Q&A portions of your presentation.


A new tool for Word is “Researcher,” which offers a new window to allow users to research and explore material related to topics of interest. Using outside sources and the Bing Knowledge Graph, Researcher pulls information and shows it to the user without having to switch to another interface like the browser. Microsoft says it will add more reference materials to Researcher, including well-known encyclopedias and internet databases.


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