Why You Should Write Structured Code

Many people look at what a computer programmer does and either thinks it is easy or maybe it is something that is way too difficult for them to master. The truth is programming is very difficult to do correctly. Almost anyone can learn to write a few lines of code, but very few programmers are really good at writing well structured code. If you want to be a great programmer you need to know how to properly structure your code. Other than books like “Code Complete” by Steven McConnell, there are several great sites to learn more about properly structured code.

How can you tell you are writing properly structured code? When your source code is so easy to understand that it doesn’t require a large amount of comments to understand.

Why do you care? Many programmers write code for an entire career without learning this important skill. The difference between a good programmer (one that “gets the job done”) and a great programmer (one that usually gets paid the most money to “get the job done”) is basically the quality of the code. High quality source code it written by people who understand the importance of structured code.

Structured code is something you can be proud of when it comes time to do a code review. It is something that people share and use as examples when training new programmers on the correct way to write source code.




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