Employee Expectations and Enterprise Software

It seems employees are more interested in shadow IT solutions than using approved enterprise software. This is a constant battle between IT Management and various departments that has no end in sight, and it gets more difficult to manage every day.

First, you have to accept that enterprise software can be very complex, difficult to learn, and complex to access. What can you to do to get non-technical employees to accept your enterprise solution?

When you look at the challenges of training your non-technical employees on how to use the new systems, maintaining minimum levels of employee productivity during the transition to approved software,  all while customizing the off-the-shelf product to fit your custom needs may make a typical employee question the wisdom of moving to the selected choice.

Most employees won’t accept the idea of required training to fully utilize the new software, but unfortunately many employees won’t know how to use the new applications without proper training. Make sure you include a budget for developing training material, training hours for employees, and time to develop quality training materials.

Employees expect constant access to the data they need to do their job, including remote access from multiple devices. If your chosen solution doesn’t perform the functions required by the team, expect resistance to accepting your solution over other solutions that appear to meet their expectations.

You have to balance corporate needs against what the team expects and find a solution that meets corporate needs while providing the functionality the team expects when looking at the solutions available today.


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