Changes in Team Foundation Server 15

Microsoft has announced the latest release of Team Foundation Server, called “15 Release Candidate 1”,  so that developers can test out the new UI that should make developers more productive. There are also quite a few bug fixes included in this release. You can read more about the product from Microsoft.

  • Follow a work item – makes it super easy to track the progress on work that you care about.
  • Code search – Makes it easy to find code anywhere across your project.
  • Package management – Improves your ability to reuse components across your projects (both OSS and internally produced)
  • Improved branches page – Faster, hierarchy, favorites build status and more.
  • Docker support – in build and release management.
  • Release management – I don’t think any part of our product is advancing as quickly as Release management is.  The number of significant improvements and new capabilities is innumerable.
  • Parity between MTM and web TCM – We almost have parity now where all the things you are used to using MTM for, you can now use the web experience for.

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