Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Challenges


In a recent study by Intel Security (McAfee), Hacking the Skills Shortage: A Study of the International Shortage in Cybersecurity Skills, we learn the global cybersecurity workforce shortfall is predicted to leave almost 2 million cybersecurity positions unfilled by 2019. This is a serious issue for the technology field, and must be addressed soon. We already have a large number of unfilled positions, and it is going to get much worst before it gets any better.

The shortage of cybersecurity personnel might leave organizations vulnerable to attacks because unskilled workers are a huge risk. You might find that your security tools are not monitored, new threats are not adequately analyzed, and an your ability to respond to breaches might be compromised. The short-term solution is lean harder on your security vendors for better ways to address security needs, but we must see more effort directed at better tools and automation before we can ease the pressure on personnel vacancies.

Another long-term solution might be to train your internal resources, developing the skills of personnel already showing the ability to gain the skills required for a cybersecurity profession. You can also apply some pressure on your local colleges and training companies to encourage specialized training. You can also look for external resources that look promising in the area of cybersecurity skills, or reaching out to untapped opportunities like creating apprenticeships and internships for high school students.


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