Microsoft Announces SQL Server 2016 SP1

SQL Server - SeniorDBA

Microsoft has announced the SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1), is now available. With this service pack Microsoft has make some key innovations more accessible to organizations across all SQL Server editions. Developers and application partners can now have similar features across all editions.

The Microsoft blog posting lists capabilities in SQL Server 2016 SP1:
  • Faster transaction performance from In-memory OLTP, faster query performance from In-memory ColumnStore, and the ability to combine the two for real-time Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing, also known as Operational Analytics.
  • Data warehousing or data mart performance features such as partitioning, compression, change data capture, database snapshot, and the ability to query across structured and unstructured data with a single node of PolyBase.
  • The innovative security feature Always Encrypted for encryption at rest and in motion, as well as fine-grained auditing which captures more detailed audit information for your compliance reporting needs. In addition, row-level security and dynamic data masking are being made available to Express edition for the first time.

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