What Security Threat Are You Overlooking?


A recent european IDC survey of more than 400 organizations discovered that many companies fail to address one of the main causes of data exposure, which is an insider threats. The report shows that most security attacks are caused by users unintentionally using outdated credentials to access secure systems. The problem is only 12 percent of companies surveyed considered insider threats as “highly concerning”, with common threats like viruses, phishing, ransomware, etc. listed as bigger threats requiring more attention.

This gap in security thinking can lead organizations to misunderstand users and miss opportunities to detect intentional user breaches.

Businesses need to shift their security focus away from the actions that must happen after a breach, like dealing with the aftermath of ransomware or removing a new virus, and focus on the true source of the problem which is mostly user behavior. Education can go a long way to reduce activity that leads to dangerous behavior, as well as reducing the events that lead to unintentional misuse of user credentials. This should reduce the threats from multiple sources and allow your security team to focus on those users that need additional attention, as well as those users that have attempted the intentional misuse of user credentials.

It is really an effort to stop reacting to attacks caused by uneducated users doing silly things and be proactive on those threats that you can control.



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