Scripts for saving all SQL Server Databases Objects using PowerShell

PowerShell SQL Server Script - SeniorDBA

Saving all the objects in a server instance into scripts on a network folder is a useful utility. In this article by Angel Gomez we see his PowerShell script that will allow you to schedule the automatic creation of T-SQL scripts to a network folder on a scheduled basis.

Using PowerShell and SQL Server Agent we can create a scheduled job that runs each day and produces scripts for all objects in all databases for an instance of SQL Server and that is what this tip does.

Here is the PowerShell code to generate a script for each object in the database.  The below code will script out table definitions, stored procedures, views, user defined functions and triggers.  This will generate scripts for every database in the SQL Server instance.

You need to supply the SQL Server name and the path where the objects are to be created.

$date_ = (date -f yyyyMMdd)
$ServerName = "." #If you have a named instance, you should put the name. 
$path = "c:\SQL_Server\Backup\Objects\"+"$date_"
$serverInstance = New-Object ('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server') $ServerName
$IncludeTypes = @("Tables","StoredProcedures","Views","UserDefinedFunctions", "Triggers") #object you want do backup. 
$ExcludeSchemas = @("sys","Information_Schema")
$so = new-object ('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.ScriptingOptions')

$dbs=$serverInstance.Databases #you can change this variable for a query for filter yours databases.
foreach ($db in $dbs)
       $dbname = "$db".replace("[","").replace("]","")
       $dbpath = "$path"+ "\"+"$dbname" + "\"
    if ( !(Test-Path $dbpath))
           {$null=new-item -type directory -name "$dbname"-path "$path"}
       foreach ($Type in $IncludeTypes)
              $objpath = "$dbpath" + "$Type" + "\"
         if ( !(Test-Path $objpath))
           {$null=new-item -type directory -name "$Type"-path "$dbpath"}
              foreach ($objs in $db.$Type)
                     If ($ExcludeSchemas -notcontains $objs.Schema ) 
                           $ObjName = "$objs".replace("[","").replace("]","")                  
                           $OutFile = "$objpath" + "$ObjName" + ".sql"
                           $objs.Script($so)+"GO" | out-File $OutFile

When the PowerShell code is run, it will create the folder and all of the subfolders for the objects like the following. Each folder will contain the objects for that database.

You can read the entire article here.

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