The original iPhone debuted nearly 10 years ago

iPhone - SeniorDBA

The original Apple iPhone debuted on January 7th 2007. While it was a unique product that changed the market for cell phones, you may not remember how different it was from the existing cell phones on the market at the time. Before the iPhone arrived the standard smartphone was a clunky device that was usually half keyboard and half tiny screen. The first iPhone was totally different, but it was also expensive, slow, and available only from AT&T.

When the iPhone first hit the market, there wasn’t an app store, so available applications were difficult to find. You couldn’t even configure a new iPhone without first connecting it to a computer. Texting was difficult and you couldn’t text pictures from the weak built-in camera.

It is useful to remember that version 1 of the iPhone wasn’t exactly awesome by today’s standards, but it was truly remarkable in 2007.


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