Your 10 Favorite SeniorDBA Blog Posts of 2016

Top 10 - SeniorDBA

Here’s the top 10 items you clicked on the most in 2016:

  1. 20 SQL Server DBA Interview Questions – Some sample questions you might be asked about in an interview for a DBA position. Also used by the hiring managers to make sure they have some relevant questions during your interview.
  2. Comparing SQL Server vs. Oracle License Cost – Looking at the difference in cost between SQL Server and Oracle.
  3. SQL Server and Windows 10 Compatibility – Quick instructions on using SQL Server Management Studio on a Windows 10 desktop.
  4. SQL Server Trace Flag List – List of available trace flags for use in SQL Server.
  5. Using PowerShell to Manage Audits – Using PowerShell as a powerful scripting tool that can manage your SQL Server audits.
  6. SQL Server TCP and UDP Ports – This post lists the ports and protocols required to communicate with an instance of SQL Server. This can be very helpful if you need to create or manage firewall rules blocking unauthorized access.
  7. SQL Server End-Of-Life Schedule – This is a useful reference if you need to know if your version of SQL Server is still supported, and when it will no longer be supported.
  8. Common Database Design Mistakes – I short list of common database design mistakes, and how to avoid them in your environment.
  9. Free eBooks from Microsoft Blog – A list of free ebooks from Microsoft, in a wide range of technical topics from SQL Server, Windows, Azure, etc.
  10. Reset Password and Disable SQL Server SA Account – With auditors wanting all user accounts to have passwords that change at least every 90 days, or the account must be disabled, this provides some guidance on how to make that work with the SA account.

Happy New Year! I hope you will continue to visit this site for helpful information on a variety of topics.


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